T25-It’s about TIME

miracleT25~It’s about TIME


The only thing standing between you and the results you
want is TIME.

Shaun T experimented for the last year to design a program that delivers the same kind of results you’d expect from an hour-long program, in under 30 minutes. He’s pulled out the rest to give you everything you need, nothing you don’t.

The result is FOCUS T25—and the name implies the intent: If you focus your intensity for 25 minutes, and you do it 5 days a week, you WILL get results.

So a couple of weeks ago T25 was released and I was hesitant to jump right in and try this one. It is very similar to Insanity and I thought, “Oh I can’t do that, it’s too much, too intense, not for me.” See how this negative self talk is an easy trap to fall into? I had decided I was going to do P90X again because I had such good results with that the last two rounds I did. But then something hit me one day, why not, why not me, why not take on something I didn’t think I could do? After all at one point I felt that way about P90X!!! Every now and then I get a hair brained idea that nothing will stop me. Not even myself lol. I don’t like being told I can’t do anything, because I’ve learned that I can do anything I want, if I REALLY want it. And I guess that day I decided I REALLY wanted it, and for me it only takes that once to commit to something. So I ordered it, and I was terrified! But when it showed up I could not wait to get started! Now if you know me I can only start a fitness program on a Monday lol, not sure why but that just makes sense to me. So I started this past Monday and wow was I in for a shock! It was HARD. Like really hard, like holy crap what have I gotten myself into hard! But I did it, because it’s only 25 minutes and I’ve decided I can do anything for 25 minutes. ShaunT is a relentless, likeable, sweet, grueling, demanding trainer! OMG! You can’t say no once he tells you to dig deeper, you just can’t. And next thing you know you’re halfway done and then you might as well finish it right? That first day was Alpha Cardio, and since then I’ve done all of the five different workouts in the first phase: Alpha. I think that Alpha Cardio is by far the hardest of the five, and just for fun you get to do it again on Day 5 in addition to the lower focus workout! Good times lol. I will post my reviews on the five workouts in another update but just wanted to be that little voice inside your head that tells you to take the risk, take that challenge that you don’t think you can manage. Because you CAN do it if you REALLY want it.

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