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I’m not really sure why I remember the date, but it was November 7th, 2007. I just woke up that day and said ENOUGH. I set out on a journey that ended up changing me in ways I never anticipated. I’m not just talking about the outward appearance either. I knew I wanted to change my body, I was so unhappy and it was a daily struggle to love myself. When you spend every minute of every day loathing the way you feel and look, you know it’s time to make a change. So I decided right then and there that was going to change. It started with a choice and many millions of more choices along the way.

To me it’s always been about choices. I choose to make my health my priority. I choose to take actions every single day that get me closer to my goal. I choose to make goals!

The road for me has been long, I started out at 237 pounds. Wherever you are starting, I understand, I have been there.

Of course as the pounds starting coming off I became excited with each milestone, ten pounds, then twenty, before I knew it I had worked off fifty pounds! That is a remarkable moment right there, but knowing I still had more to lose? Sobering. Humbling. It took a really, really long time. I found motivation wherever I could. Mostly from people who were doing it right along side me. Friends, people at the gym, trainers, my kids. Which brings me to my biggest motivation of all, them.

I’m a mom, I have two boys ages 13 & 10. I know how hard it is to make yourself a priority when you have very deserving kids who need so much of your time. Balancing all of that is a delicate thing. Showing them that it’s important for each of us to take care of ourselves is a big deal to me. They have watched me make difficult choices, get up at 5:00am every single day to find the time. They have watched how our family meals have changed, and yes complained along the way. You see, I didn’t just change MY life, I changed THEIRS. For the better. My biggest goal in life is to teach them how to care for their bodies, so that thirty years from now they don’t find themselves 90 pounds overweight like I was. I want to be the very best role model I can possibly be for them. I want to be able to play with them, get out and run around, keep up with them, inspire them, and be there to watch them grow up. So when the road got hard, and it did and still does, I looked at them and found my “why”.

It’s been a struggle, I’m not going to make it sound like it was easy. It took me FIVE years to get where I am now, at 154 pounds. That is 83 pounds gone!!! I’ve heard the stories about people who have lost that in six months and how I wanted to hate them!! But my body isn’t like that. I have to fight for every single pound lost, and to keep it off. I know this is my lifelong journey, that I will have to work hard to keep my body this fit.

Part of that journey for me has always been to share my experience with others. To motivate them when I could, to offer advice and support, and sometimes just to commiserate with them. My best friends know I will hold them accountable, encourage them, bounce ideas off of them and be their biggest fan.

Today I find myself in the fortunate position to be able to share my experience with you, to invite you to come join me on this journey to live a healthy life and to love the body you are in. Enjoy the journey, even the hard parts. There is joy in every single day, when you look hard enough. One of my very favorite quotes (and I am a HUGE fan of quotes :) is this:

“Someday I will no longer be able to run, today is not that day.”

I am an independent Team Beach Body Coach, and it’s really changed my life and how I view my role in helping others achieve THEIR personal goals.

You are welcome to visit my site at www.anthembeachbody.com and of course let me know if you would like help navigating it, or help customizing your goals. Once you establish the reason WHY you want to change, we can work together to find the right plan for you.

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