The reason I needed to see this tonight is because I let myself get caught up in competition with other people today. It really pissed me off too. You all know I’m doing T25 and I am in Week 3, really kicking butt too. I LOVE this program so much, it is harder than anything I’ve ever done but I love it. Well some of the people in my coaches group are doing T25 as well, but they are ALSO doing Insanity at the same time!!! I let that get to me and got all hurt because they must be superhuman and better than me. Because there is just no way I could do both right now! I feel like T25 is an amazing workout, and it’s sufficient for what I need right now. These folks did Insanity first, so they added T25 on as an extra workout lol. So my hardest workout ever is like a bonus round for them lol. Ahhhh, yeah that hurt my ego a little. So I asked them why, genuinely wanted to know why they needed to do both. Most of them said they are just used to doing 1.5 hour long workouts and T25 was too short for them. Ok I can handle that. But what bothered me is they said if I hung around them long enough I would eventually get there. Ummmm no, I don’t see myself EVER wanting to workout for 2+ hours a day, I want to spend that time with my family! It took me literally HOURS of my day to come to terms with the fact that I am not them. I can’t and shouldn’t even try to compete with them. I need to focus on being better than *I* was yesterday, not who they are or were. It is ME that is my biggest competitor. I’m a very competitive person and my biggest challenge is my ego. So today I learned a very valuable lesson. Tomorrow I will wake up and start over again and compete against myself.competition

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