The Beach Body Challenge

P90X TestimonialWhen I started my second round of P90X in January of this year my coach (whom I absolutely respect!!) prompted me to enter the Beach Body Challenge. I thought why not, I have nothing to lose. So when I finished up that round and had amazing results I was more than happy to update my challenge results! Then nothing happened. LOL. I will admit I thought WTH? I thought my results were amazing, especially if you look at my original pics from when I started way back. But oh well, it wasn’t what they were looking for. I still get to keep the results!
So then I did the Ultimate Reset in June, and had even more amazing results! This time I entered the Beach Body Challenge knowing eh it’s not going anywhere but I want the free Tshirt lol. Still, nothing happened.

Then yesterday, I got an email from the Success Stories department at Beach Body!! WHOAH!!! I had to read that sucker a few times lol. They have asked me to send over additional transformation pics, and sign a release for Beach Body to use my testimonial! Now of course that doesn’t mean that they will use them, but they did ask. I am extremely humbled, and actually kind of hoping they do use my story. I know how much those success stories meant to me as I was doing the work. It is one thing to have some paid actor tell you the program you’re considering works, but it is entirely another thing to have someone exactly like myself tell me how it worked for them.

So last night I sat down and wrote my responses to all of the testimonial questions. Six pages worth. I feel very strongly about P90X and what it did to change my life. I am forever humbled by my experience with this program and have a lot to say about it. I’m going to add the pdf here so you can look at it if you’d like.

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