But eating healthy is too expensive! Really?

This was tonight’s dinner, sooooo delicious! I want to point out that it was really pretty cheap to prepare. I used 5oz of chicken breast/$1.50, half a head of kale/$0.99, 1/4 can of Muir Glen diced tomatoes (and those are the pricey kind!)/$0.62, and a half teaspoon of olive oil and one garlic clove, some fresh pepper. That’s it, and I’m stuffed! Total cost? $3.11
Nutritional info:
332 calories
5.3g fat
19.8 carbs
35.9g protein

Pretty well balanced, highly nutritious, inexpensive, REAL food! Now I know nobody buys half a head of kale or 1/4 can of tomotoes, or 1/4 package of chicken. But I will make this same meal four times this week because it is SO good. Or if you were cooking for a family you could use it all at once. I’m just saying eating well does not have to cost a lot. chickenkaletomatoe

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