Sleep, it does a body good!

What’s wrong with this picture? Hmmm this was my day yesterday, by most counts a stellar day right? But look at the sleep component. Ugh! That is just not healthy for my body at all. I felt incredible until about noon and then I crashed so hard. Which made me think we need to talk about sleep. Your body recovers so much while you’re sleeping. HGH (human growth hormone). What happens when you don’t get enough? Your hormones get all out of whack, your metabolism slows down, and of course you feel lethargic, crabby and susceptible to overeating.
How much sleep does YOUR body need? How do you function best? I know my body functions incredibly at right about 8 hours of sleep. I usually get by on about 6 hours though because that’s how I’ve worked out my schedule to exercise early in the morning. Anything less than 5 hours and I’m having a hard time. 3 hours and 52 minutes? AWFUL.
So last night I made it my priority to get to bed early and sleep a little late. I got my much needed 8 hours of sleep and I feel ready to take on the day right now!

How does sleep affect you?66929_10200280485121790_198132388_n

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