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I watched this documentary last night about how doctors are being forced to treat patients according to what insurance companies say, rather than base their treatment on science. The medical industry is being controlled by politics, money and insurance companies and some seriously ill patients are dying because they cannot get the treatment they need.

Of course it is not directly related to what we do, yet in a lot of ways it is. It’s a long documentary, but fascinating and gives you a whole new perspective on what happens behind the scenes when a patient goes to their doctor for treatment. Most patients don’t realize that doctors can lose their license if they don’t follow the protocol set by the insurance companies.
Under Our Skin
In this movie you see how the insurance companies file complaints against doctors who treat patients aggressively for Lyme Disease. Then they are brought before the medical boards and actually suspended and/or lose their medical license!

For curing patients. It’s unbelievable. More than half of the board who wrote the legislation for Lyme Disease (the documentary is about that) was receiving money or had actually referenced work they themselves had written!!!!

It’s so absurd that they are allowed to be on both ends of creating the laws and also receiving money from the other side to govern what goes into the laws. I always knew the system was corrupt, I just didn’t know exactly how that worked.

Anyhow, it is free streaming if you have Amazon prime. Definitely worth watching.

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