Body Media Link, Take 3!

Look what I just got! It’s a replacement Body Media Link, unfortunately this is my 3rd one
I have to day their customer service is remarkable. This is the 2nd time they have replaced my Body Media Link at no charge within a year. Unfortunately that means I’ve also had two defective products within a year.
Both times they were known defects. So I ask myself why don’t they just fix the issues? Are they betting that most people won’t use the product long enough for it to break? When it is working I love this thing! It is so accurate and tracks every calorie I burn 24/7 plus my sleep, steps, nutrition, vigorous vs moderate activity, etc. and it syncs wirelessly with my iPhone. I love this thing! If it had a heart rate monitor it would be perfect.

I’ve been considering other devices and might have to jump ship if this one goes defective too. I’m almost at the end of my one year warranty. Then I’m on my own. Still, I have to give credit where credit is due. Their customer service is above and beyond.bodylink

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