A new gadget please Santa?

I have device envy. It’s really very sad lol. I just saw that FitBit is launching a new activity monitor and I waaaaannnntttt one. Yes I know I already have one lol, but I am always tempted by the wrist worn ones. The only reason I have not switched to a wrist one is because they just aren’t as accurate and that is important to me. I love my Body Bugg don’t get me wrong! Love that thing and depend on it day in and day out.

But I will wait till it launches and see some of the reviews as far as accuracy goes. It’s amazing how quickly the reviews come in! When the Flex was released earlier this year they had reviews up within hours of that thing being sold lol. And the reviews are what kept me from buying one, well that and I had just bought my Body Bugg a few months earlier so I need to be happy with what I have. But now that I’ve had it for 8 months I can “almost” justify trying a new one, right? Maybe not? Maybe I should wait a year.

Ok I’m done rambling. Here is the Force if anybody wants to check it out Fit Bit Force

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