Relax….or sleep

Ok so this is what I learned while I was sleeping. Last night I was exhausted. Like I sat in front of Words With Friends for twenty minutes trying to figure out what to do with a Q and no U lol. So I finally said enough, go to bed! And I set my alarm late and decided yoga would happen at noon today instead of 5 am. I knew I needed sleep.

So I got in bed and turned on my iPod to a guided relaxation track. Kelly Howell, I highly recommend her. Anyway, I didn’t need it. I was too tired to relax! It actually kept me awake ugh!!

About an hour later I woke up because I caught her voice in my earbuds and yanked them out. When I checked my body bugg this morning I realized the iPod actually disturbed my sleep more than it helped. It defeated the purpose. So while I love the relaxation I don’t need it to sleep. That’s a valuable lesson.

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